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Johnlock Poem
I was told that I have no heart,
but this is far from the truth.
The reason that I know this
is because of John Hamish Watson.
I never believed that I had one either,
but John made sure to challenge this.
A man who I knew a lot about
had broken through the walls.
John Hamish Watson is my friend,
I only have one of them.
I fell from that building,
knowing what my fate was,
I fell to my death,
but I knew that he was safe,
My John.
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 0 0
Just Run.
This is all I ever do.
I run when things get hard.
I disappear and leave people behind.
I tell myself that it's all temporary.
All I ever do is run.
I run from people I love.
I run from people I care about.
I keep running and running,
I don't expect anyone to chase me.
Hell, I wouldn't even chase me.
If I stop, even for a moment,
I'll have to remember.
I'll have to remember
what it's like to hurt again,
and what it's like to feel something.
So I just keep running and running.
Escaping myself, maybe if I run fast enough.
If I run faster, then maybe I can leave myself behind.
I can pretend as though I don't exist anymore.
I could kill myself off emotionally.
And people see me fall apart,
and I give them no hope.
I don't tell them things will be okay again.
I just keep running, leave people behind.
And when I stop, what happens then?
If I stand still and let someone catch up to me?
All I can do is cry and wish the worst upon myself.
But the person holds onto my hand.
And all I can do is p
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 2 6
My Companionn
You're the salvage of the life time.
You're the only mystery worth solving.
To me, it's together or not at all.
You're my Clara, you're funny, and brilliant!
And me, well I'm your Doctor, aren't I?
We'll travels the stars, you and I.
Don't forget the Tardis key!
Don't forget that Wednesdays is when we'll fly together.
Don't forget me, your doctor, please.
I'll never forget you, I promise.
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 1 0
LDR Collage~ by MatsyTheDoctor LDR Collage~ :iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 0 0
Her True Form
The best woman out there
who makes her smile shine
and makes her heart glow.
She has a beauty that surpasses all,
and knows tales of the great unknown.
Her heart has no shadows dwelling within,
and her mirror matches with mine.
She stands there next to me,
and wears a very precious smile.
I smile back at her,
and I finally feel complete
after all of this time.
Thank you, dear one,
for all that you've done for me.
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 0 0
I Miss You.
I miss you,
so damn much.
We don't talk like
we used to,
but I understand
that you're busy.
I care about
you deeply,
and I want
you to know
that I did
cry over you.
I cried because
I missed you dearly.
I'm not used to
this separation.
I want you to know
that when I get a job,
I'll be think of you.
I know you think of me too,
and I'm happy you're doing something
that you really do love.
You're such a beautiful person,
and crying over you is worth it.
Maybe I'm acting like a little boy,
but I do really care about you.
When we're both free again,
we'll have a date
and we'll talk a lot too.
Thank you for
having faith in me.
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 4 2
Another War To Win
I was so fucking alone
and then you came along.
You showed me what it feels
to really be with someone.
To know what the word,
"Together." actually meant.
To know what it means
to be there for someone.
To know what it means
to like someone for them
with all the parts that
are not so perfect.
You showed me that I can
fight my inner demons,
and I don't have to do it alone.
Thank you for everything.
You're too precious for words now.
And you help me fight off
the darkness within myself.
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 1 1
There are days where I feel like I can't go on, but I think of what you'd do.
You'd smile, and tell me to keep going.
You've seen worse times than I have, yet your smile is brighter than the sun.
Your heart is full of more love than any galaxy has worth of its stars!
Your laughter is such a beautiful sound.
Your kindness is found deep within your soul.
There you stand, stronger than before, and tell me to keep going.
You always take my breath away and all you have to say is, "Hello."
Your words are full of such wisdom that all I can do is stand looking at you amazed.
Your a beautiful soul whether you believe my words or not.
"I was so alone and I owe you so much."
You teach me daily new lessons of how to let go of the darkness within my heart.
You teach me what it means to smile and laugh for real this time.
The past is dissolving with every day that passes with you in it.
Erase the sadness from my heart and from my face.
Bring back to life the soul that dwells within my body.
Show me
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 0 0
Who I am.
I hear a lot of words as the days go by,
the words that hit me the hardest is: confusion,
know who you are, follow the right path!
But I'm the one who makes the final decision,
and I'm learning about who I am.
I'm learning day by day who I am,
what my character looks like,
and how I feel in my heart.
I'm not going to apologize
because I don't fit into a mold
that someone designed for me.
I'm not "confused" about who I am,
who I like, and how I present myself.
If liking someone that I like is wrong to someone,
it doesn't seem wrong at all to me.
I'm beginning to understand how to define my happiness,
and learn that I have to live with consequences
whether they are good or bad in the end.
At the end of the day,
I do my best to smile
because I'm learning who I am inside,
and I don't need what's between my legs to define me.
My character is what defines me,
and I'm proud of who I am.
Sure, some days I don't like myself,
but I'm learning to like who I am,
and am delighted to see who I'll be
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 1 3
When one has so much anger,
they turn it inward,
as well as outward.
But first, you turn it inward,
you have anger towards yourself
whether it's your image,
your weight, your hair,
your lack of smiles,
your idiocy, and your mistakes.
And then, you bury it deep.
As deep as it can go
in that dark pit of hate.
Deeper and deeper,
that's how deep it goes!
Unknown to all of us,
even to you, reader!
And then, your anger is outward,
towards everyone you know
whether it's a friend or enemy.
Anger is all that you have left.
Anger and hate, that's all.
Disgust in yourself happens.
And that's when you realize,
you're just a bottomless pit of hate.
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 0 0
Wake up.
Cut my heart out.
Make me feel new.
No longer want death.
Wake up, self!
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 2 1
My Universe.
You wake up one day and realize how beautiful life is.
To me, life can be beautiful when it's just me and the universe together.
Although, I finally figured out that your special somebody makes your universe beautiful with their inner and outer beauty.
I'll never be the same person I was in January, and I've never been more happier.
Life is full of surprises and you never know who might walk into your life.
You never know who can change your life in an instant just with a single word, "Hello."
Thank you for saying hello to me because you saved me from a heart full of darkness and sorrow.
You, who I cannot name, is now the light at the end of the tunnel.
The hope when I am hopeless, the smile when I cannot smile, and the laughter when I am mute.
Even in silence, as we look into each other's eyes, you've become my universe.
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 1 0
Self Hate
Self hate is such a poisonous things.
It seeps in bones and it burns in my blood.
The feeling of loneliness is creeping in my bed at night.
My heart is splitting itself apart.
Every morning I awake to the sound of silence.
I can't stand this body of mine any longer.
I'll never be satisfied by my own body.
I can get thin as I want, but it won't be good enough.
My chest is such an ungodly weight on me figuratively and literally.
I feel the darkness within myself begin to come out.
They call it depression, but I call it rage.
I call it anger that is so powerful that it turns itself inward!
And this is how the great man has his own downfall.
I see such a disgusting being before me in the mirror.
I don't foresee how anybody can love such a being as myself.
How can I call myself a man when my heart is breaking itself apart?
How can I call myself a man when my body doesn't reflect who I am?
How can I live another day like this when I feel so dead inside?
I tell myself everything will be okay,
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 2 9
Her Doctor Poem
Once upon a time, I met someone who was known as The Impossible Girl.
Little did I know that she would be intertwined into my world.
Little did I know just how special she'd be to me.
The Impossible Girl is the only name I gave her, and I told her that she's the only mystery worth solving. To this day I believe this as the truth, I cannot go another day without you.
Did you know that you have saved me more times then I can count?
Always there watching and waiting for a newer version of me to come around.
Patience is key and you've waited over 2,000 years for me.
How many more life times must you live before you meet me once more?
Here I am, The Impossible Girl, so come and find me again!
I might have a new face in the years to come, but I'm forever The Doctor.
:iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 2 0
Her Collage by MatsyTheDoctor Her Collage :iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 0 0 Her Collage 2 by MatsyTheDoctor Her Collage 2 :iconmatsythedoctor:MatsyTheDoctor 2 0


Tied Up
I tied our blades together today
I tied them up, to throw them away
For you had given it up for me,
Together we can,
                ...and will be free.
:iconaoncesuicidalpoet:AOnceSuicidalPoet 21 15
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A good farewell.

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 24, 2013, 2:21 PM
I'm going to be going away for some time. 

I'm not positive if I'll be returning to my DeviantArt account at all.
If you wish to contact me then send me a note.

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